Marble reserves


Turkey has a large quantity of marble reserves and offers more than 100 varieties of marble having shades ranging from very light gray to black and brilliant white.


Turkey has a 40% share in the world marble reserves. The total reserves including proven, probable and possible reserves are about 5 billion m3. Important marble reserves are found in Afyon, Bilecik, Burdur, Denizli, Mugla, Elazig, Balikesir and Eskisehir. In Turkey, the annual block marble production is around 1.2 million tons and the production of tiles and slabs is around 13 million square meters.

Some of world famous Turkish marble varieties are; Afyon White, Afyon Tigerskin, Afyon Violet, Afyon Yellow, Bilecik Pink, Bilecik Dry Rose, Marmara White, Burdur Brown, Denizli Travertine, Elazig Cherry, Karacabey Black, Golpazari Beige, Milas Kavaklidere, Aeagan Bordeaux, Dove, Dove Light, Leopard, Mustafa Kemal Pasa White and Aksehir Black. Turkish marble competes easily with all other worldwide marble production in terms of its superior quality.

The natural stone sector in Turkey has developed rapidly in the last ten years. Total natural stone exports were 158 million dollars in 1999, of which processed marble ranks first with 114 million dollars. Block marble exports follows with 29 million dollars.


Marble Reserves in Turkey


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