Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble)

Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble) is lithologically a limestone. Late Jurassic aged sandstones are found at the basement. Over these, upper cratecaous sandstones are flysch facies and marls and limestones are being find.



Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble)  Characteristics

Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble) consists of micritic calcite with unit sizes less than 5 microns and has sparitic calcite in its fractures and voids.


Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble)  Usage Areas

Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble) can be used in interior plating, floor covering and decoration. The suitability to take block; to cut sides and corners; the shapeability; and the cutting rate are all normal. The suitability to take plate and to be polished are good. There isn’t any rusting risk.
Our Beige Marble namely: Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble) is produced from Bilecik Yenipazar area. Our Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble) annual capacity is 15000m3.

Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble) Block Dimensions

Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble) Block dimensions vary between 1.20*1.20*1.80m and 2.80*1.70*1.50m. Larger blocks may be obtained at the localities with wide joint intervals upon request. Plates of 2cm standard or 3cm thickness and desired dimensions can be obtained.Hardness: 4(mohs)


Cappuccino Marble (Beige Marble)  Specifications

Unit Volume Weight: 2,71 (gr/cm3)
Density: 2,74 (gr/cm3)
Porosity: 0,4%
Compressive strength: 1019 (kgf/cm2)
Strength to blow: 2 (kgf/cm2)
Strength to bending: 127 (kgf/cm2)
Modules of elasticity: 82900 (kgf/cm2)
Ratio of fullness: 98,9%
Degree of pores: 1,1%
Average abrasion: 12,2 (cm3/50cm2)
Average of tensile strength: 48 (kgf/cm2)