Marmara White Marble


Our Marmara White Marble has superior quality, with the most light color and the least black lines. We are mostly exporting our Marmara White Marble to Romania, Syria and the UAE.

In general, we offer the Marmara White Marble in blocks. Upon request we may also offer as slabs and tiles, or finished products (thumbstones).

Marmara White Marble Characteristics

Paleosoic aged Marmara White Marbles have marble and dolomitic lithologies. Marmara White Marbles, being alternated with schists are cut by a gnelssified granite. Marmara White Marbles are observed as white dolomites and light gray – white marbles containing gray bands and stains. Dolomites are found as lenses in the marble body. This marble consists of calcite minerals of unit sizes 0,25 – 0,85mm.

Marmara White Marble Usage Areas

The Marmara White Marble can be used in interior and exterior plating, floor covering, decoration, baths, statues, monuments and grave stones. The marble is suitable to process in blocks and plates; and offers good shapeability. The marble is polishable with no rusting risk.

Marmara White Marble Block Dimensions

Block dimensions vary between 1.20 x 1.00 x 0.80m and 2.40 x 1.80 x 1.20m. Plates of 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8mm thicknesses and desired dimensions can be obtained.

Marmara White Marble Specifications

Hardness: 3 mohs
Unit Volume Weight: 2,71 gr/cm3
Density: 2,73 gr/cm3
Porosity: 0,2%
Compressive strength: 704 kgf/cm2
Strength to blow: 17 kgf/cm2
Strength to bending: 111 kgf/cm2
Modules of elasticity: 56500 kgf/cm2
Ratio of fullness: 99,3 %
Degree of pores: 0,7%
Average abrasion: 29,6 cm3/50cm2
Average tensile strength: 65 kgf/cm2