Transmer’s Marble Quarries in Turkey

We have our own quarries of Marmara White Marble, Travertine and Amasya Beige Marble located mainly in the northwest, northern and western parts of Turkey. We quarry and mainly export blocks of Marmara White marble. Blocks from our Amasya and Denizli quarries are processed and cut into tiles in our various factories.


Our Marmara White Marble Quarry is located on the Marmara Island, in the North western part of Turkey. We own one of the largest Marmara White Marble quarries in Turkey.

Our annual capacity for the Marmara White Marble is nearly 10,000 cubic meters, with long lasting reserves. Our Marmara White marble has superior quality, with the most light color and the least black lines. We are mostly exporting our Marmara White marble to Romania, Syria and the UAE.

In general, we offer the Marmara White Marble in blocks. Upon request we may also offer as slabs and tiles, or finished products (thumbstones).


Our Cremare Beige Quarry is located near Bilecik in the northern part of Turkey. Our monthly capacity for the Bilecik beige marble is approximately 800 cubic meters and 25,000 square meters. We process the marble quarried in our factory located 30 km from our quarry. We are mostly exporting the Bilecik Cremare BEIGE to Russia, Israel and the United States.

In general, we export our Cremare Beige as tiles, cut to requested size.