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Marin solar power kit

Solar panels   Monocrystalline Panel Flexible Panel Half-Flexible Panel     Solar Connection Box    Isolation material ppo  Valid stream 20A  Valid voltage 1000V(TUV)600(UL)  Test voltage 6KV(50Hz,1Min)  Connection material Copper tin alloy moulding  Connection Resistance 5  Protection IP67  Safety Class II  Flame unit UL94-V0  Power 50N  Temperature -40c~+90c  Pin Sizes 4.0mm 3.0mm  Suitable Cable size […]

Portable solar generators

Products with Battery Model_SP – 80W 50A Standart Equipment Charge Control Device No. of items   1 DC 12 Volt 10 Ampere Smart operation feature Inverter 1 300 Watt Full Sine inverter 12Volt DC / 230Volt AC output Multi-functional Solar Generator Box       2 230 Volt AC socket 2 18 Volt Solar Panel Charge […]

Foldable solar charge panels

2 TSC1-3- Li 3W  5V 500mA charge 2.000mA battery capacity   205x60x25mm 205x446mm    Full Flexible Solar Energy Charge Device: Net weight: 216 g Lithium battery capacity: 2000mA Color: Black Charge features: With the Lithium battery on it, it can constantly charge all kinds of mobile phones, IPhone, MP3, MP4 and small digital products that […]