Marin solar power kit

Solar panels


Monocrystalline Panel Flexible Panel Half-Flexible Panel
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Solar Connection Box

 Isolation material ppo
 Valid stream 20A
 Valid voltage 1000V(TUV)600(UL)
 Test voltage 6KV(50Hz,1Min)
 Connection material Copper tin alloy moulding
 Connection Resistance 5
 Protection IP67
 Safety Class II
 Flame unit UL94-V0
 Power 50N
 Temperature -40c~+90c
 Pin Sizes 4.0mm 3.0mm
 Suitable Cable size 2.5~6.0mm AWG14/12/10


Solar Cable 2,5/4/6mm² (MC4)Solar Cable Connector
5 6 7


Solar charge controller

Marin SeaGreen Series

SeaGreen series are waterproof, technically advanced and fully-automatic. Pulse width modulation (PWM) increases the battery life.
Water-proof, off-grid solar system is ideal for humid places.

  • Marin group
  • Solar tracking equipment
  • Moist-resistant design



EPIPDB-COM Series  (Compatible with Dual Battery and Portable Screen feature)

Compatible for two separate battery chargers. It prevents two extra separate solar charge costs. In addition, portable screen prevents unnecessary loss of energy due to cables.

  • Smart system Optimum control
  • 12/24V auto-operation
  • Battery type options
  • Optional charge intervals
  • High efficiency series PWM charger
  • Local outdoor temperature protection
  • Without any mechanical key, MOSFET electronic key
  • Optional MT-1 indicator prevents cable costs and loss of energy.
  • Electronic protection: short circuit, high voltage, reverse polarity protection.




LandStar Series  (Portable Screen feature)

New generation programmable solar charge regulator is the new LandStar series. All models have aluminium heat absorbtion.
In addition, portable screen prevents unnecessary loss of energy due to cables.
Three systems of voltage configuration: 12V 24V or 12V/24V auto-operation

  • High efficiency PWM charge with heat compensation
  • 3 LED indicators of PV charge, battery and load state
  • Local outdoor temperature interface
  • Bus communication RS-485
  • Open standard Modbus communication protocol
  • Software update function

MT50 screen and PC functions

  • Several load control modes: Manual, light on/off, light +on timer and timer controller
  • Optional battery types
  • Realtime monitor
  • Programmable parameters
  • LVD or SOC load connector function
  • Energy statistic function
  • Electronic protection: short circuit, high voltage, reverse polarity protection
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Modified sinewave inverters

WIV-300MSW  / WIV-600MSW / WIV-800MSW / WIV-1000MSW

WIV-1500MSW / WIV-2000MSW / WIV-2500MSW


  1. LED power indicators
  2. Any low voltage
  3. Switch off on High voltage
  4. Low voltage alarm
  5. Switch off on Low voltage
  6. Switch off on extreme heat
  7. Output short circuit protection


Full sinewave inverters

NV-P300 / 600 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 Watt 18
19 20
  1. AC outputs: You can choose any slot type. 
  2. Output 110V AC or 220V AC.
  3. USB device: DC 5V, 500mA
  4. AC key: activates AC Output. On/Off button.
  5. Green LED light: AC Power, current AC output or inverter in function.
  6. Red LED light: inverter switch off. Reason; low or high voltage, overload or over heat.
  7. Cooling: A little fan inside decreases inverter’s temperature.
  8. Pozitive terminal: Positive connection with the battery (+)
  9. Negative terminali:  Negative connection with the battery ( – )
  10. Ground base terminal: Grounding connection
  11. Fuse: protects the inverter in case of excessive connection.