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GP-EP022   i-Phone silicon case with a solar charger
Solar Charge for IPhone ( 1200mAh )


Product Details:

  1. Capacity     : 1200mAh
  2. Output  : 5V
  3. Output current : 800mA(max)
  4. Input voltage : 5V
  5. Input current : 800mA(max)
  6. Operation temperature :  -10°C / 40°C
  7. Stock temperature : -20°C / -50°C

Sizes : 131x64x19mm



Your i-Phones will have more POWER now.

GP-EP022   can charge your iPhone by solar energy.
Black, white, green and blue colored silicon case GP-EP022 is a backup energy source with 1200mA Lithium Polymer battery for your phone. It starts charging your phone with one touch It is also a protective case for your iPhone.

Charging with solar energy when outdoors, suitable for use indoors (with a USB cable). Long service life.

You can check your charge status on the LED indicator under the solar energy panel.

GP-EP022 offers regular use for iPhone users. It has a USB socket for transforming data; and camera and speaker outputs are free. It is compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4-S models. Solar energy protection case helps users to charge their phones easily.





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