Solar energy systems

1- Generating Electricity with Wind Energy

Sun is the biggest energy source of our world. All beings, directly or indirectly, use the sun to acquire their needs of food, heating etc. However, there are many different ways people use solar energy. For example, fossil fuels: plant and animal wastes turn into fossil fuel by being exposed to pressure during geological shifts. These fuels are used for transportation and electricity generation. On the other hand, solar cells provide a clean energy source by quietly and directly transforming solar rays into electricity without requiring any moving parts and polluting the environment. Moreover, solar cells are more long lasting and free of any cost compared to other electric power systems. Solar cells are manufactured with the same technology and material as CDROM of computer technologies.
Law No. 5784 adopted in July 9th 2008 states that everyone can produce their own electricity up to 500 kWs. There is no need to get a license from the state. Whether you have a house, a workshop, a warehouse or a factory, you can produce your own electricity.


  Potential Wind Energy Map

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Panel Technologies

  Panel Technologies Photovoltaic cells are connected serially or in parallel in order to produce higher voltage and power levels. Photovoltaic modules consist of photovoltaic cells that are sealed to each other protecting them from environmental affects. Photovoltaic panels consist of two or more photovoltaic modules that are connected to each other within power cables. […]


Inverters  Inverters are the heart of the system. They transform solar energy resources that generate direct current into alternative current. On-Grid: These are inverters that can transform direct current from solar panels to alternative current and can send it to the main grid. Off-Grid: These inverters charge the batteries with the direct voltage from solar […]

Portable solar energy systems

 Portable Solar Energy Systems Uses; Designed to be used for any remote area (from the grid) that need DC and AC; Provides power to remote ligthing, eletrical fans, fridges, freezers, televisions and similar devices that need AC power; Suitable for office power backup; Suitable for external power performance in camps, caravans, expeditions, road constructions, operators […]

Water pumps with solar energy systems

Water pumps with Solar energy systems Product features; Solar energy panel system, PV control Water pump and its equipments. Operates with a piston pump. Each model is equipped in accordance with the voltage needed for the pump.   Pump voltages: 360w / 600w / 2000w / 3000w / 3200w   Flow Speed: 300lt/hr – 1100lt/hr […]