Inverters are the heart of the system. They transform solar energy resources that generate direct current into alternative current.

  • On-Grid: These are inverters that can transform direct current from solar panels to alternative current and can send it to the main grid.
  • Off-Grid: These inverters charge the batteries with the direct voltage from solar panels and they transfer the direct current from batteries into alternative current.
 Şebeke Dışı invertörler Şebeke içi invertörler
Off-Gri Inventers On-Grid Inventers


D. Batteries
These store electric energy as chemical energy and they give it as electric energy when requested. In order to store the most energy generated from solar energy;

  • OPzS Battery: These are low maintenance standby batteries that can be connected to systems as constant energy sources. They require minimum care because they work with buoyancy voltage and they cost low energy. Their main feature antimony lead alloy decreases the discharge by itself, therefore decreases the amount of water loss. They hold the active materials as well as they can charge and discharge. 
  • Gel Battery: Gel batteries are manufactured in cold environments with a long lasting and efficient silicon gel technology. They are equipped with a special separator, they are completely closed and they do not need any maintenance. Compared to AGM batteries, gel batteries have 50% longer discharge cycle. They have high reliability and qualityAküler
  • Dry Battery: Dry batteries, with models of TP and TPD (high current capacity),  are used commonly due its performance and available prices. They are completely closed and they do not need any maintenance.These batteries can operate in a wide temperature ranges. They are equipped with safety control. They are designed to last long. They can work in long loops. They can operate both vertically and horizontally. They are completely sealed even when they are upside down. They have new generation of lead-calcium AGM VRLA high performance Gas Recombination technology.





On-grid inverters

On-grid Inverters         SolarRiver Inverter Technology Transformerless  H6 Topology Wide MPP voltage range Compact design Small sizes and minimum weight Advantages Available for indoor and outdoor (IP65) Easy installation and maintenance Multi-language display EnerSys tracing settings (ENS) Auto-configuration Body Features Stainless steel body Auto-protection for voltage, short circuit, island effect, overload etc. […]

Off-grid (marin) inverters

Off-Grid Inverters GF100 ~ GF2000   Product name: Off-Grid PV inverter 100W ~ 2KW MPPT Product Specialty:Full-Sine off-grid inverter 100W ~ 2KW Product Code :GF100 ~ GF2000   Uses GF series off-grid solar energy inverter includes smart-digital control, and high frequency transmission topology, high reliability and high anti-interference. Evaluating input 24V/48V and for 10kW nominal […]

Solar charge control boxes

Solar Charge Controller LED 5~20A   GSC-F1224 GSC-F1224 solar charge regulator is controlled by MPPT. The best and smartest "MPPT + SOC" difference control. It has long service life, warranty and high performance with a MOSFET type transistor. Especially used for household solar panels, solar street lamp systems, billboard lighting, traffic signalization system and other professional applications. […]

Solar system tracking modules

Solar system tracking modules SolarEnvi Monitör SolarEnvi monitor is a monitoring device specially developed for PV systems. SolarEnvi monitor and external censors are used to collect data and PV system performance analysis.           Interfaces Data logger communication  RS485             Censors Solar irradation                              Precision:±8%    Range:0~1500W/? Module […]

PV array combiner box

PV array combiner box    It minimizes the cable lenght by connecting DC PV series for large-scale grid PV devices. Increases the reliability and robustness, and it also make it easier to maintain the links between the PV modules and inverters, it is installed between inverters. With its fuse and surge arrestor, it prevents extra […]