Polycrystal panels

Polycrystal Panels
Polycrystal (Polykristal) paneller_2

TPSP6U Poly Crystalline

  • (0-3%) Extra tolerance to support High Output
  • Withstands high wind pressure (up to 2400PA), modules certified by TÜV and car loads (5400 Pa)
  • Anti-reflective, hydrophobic layered module (800° C online coating technology) increases light absorption and decreases surface dust.
  • Easy installation, easy maintenance, and compatibility with industrial inverters and installation systems.
  • Special PV module. Insured by the world’s leading insurance company.
  • Free warranty for excessive heating and “hot spot effect” of junction box and bypass diode modules
  • Perfect performance modules that work in low light conditions (morning, night and cloudy days) *.3% more electricity on average.
  • 10 year warranty, 12 years 90%, 25 years 80% efficiency



TPSP6U 280W/285W/290W/295W Poly Crystalline Photovoltaic Module


Polycrystal (Polykristal) paneller_3

Cell type  Polycrystal 156 × 156 mm (6 inches)
Number of cells  72 (6 × 12)
Sizes (AxB × C)  1956 × 992 × 50 mm
Weight  23 Kg
Front Glass  3.2 mm low iron tempered glass
Frame  Anodized aluminium
Junction Box  Bypass diodes with IP 65
Connector  MC4 compatible
Cable  TÜV, lenght 900 mm, 4.0 mm width


Polycrystal (Polykristal) paneller_4