Semi-flex panels

Semi-Flex Panels

Partially Flexible Solar Panel (no frame, no glass)


1. Partially flexible solar panels are suitable for on-grid and off-grid systems.
2. %19 – %23 high efficiency.
3. They are manufactured with high technology Sunpower solar cells.
4. Sunpower Flexible solar cells look great.

  • Solar PV batteries have the highest efficiency rate of 23% in the world and their module efficiency is 25-30 % higher than conventional batteries.
  • On these cells, positive and negative poles are on the same side. The frontal part of the cells absorb a lot of sunlight, making way for maximum power.
  • Partially flexible solar panels with Sunpower cells are used in electronic golf cars, yachts, RV boats, caravans, backpacks, tents etc.


2   3 4


Model Power (W) Size (mm) Voc (V) Isc (A) Vmp (V) Imp (A)



SYDF-FSPC18W 18W 434*277*3mm 23.7V 1.03A 19.4V 0.93A 20.5% 0.29KG
SYDF-FSPC25W 25W 555*277*3mm 21.6V 1.54A 17.6V 1.42A 21.5% 0.57KG
SYDF-FSPC30W 30W   21.4V 1.92A 17.5V 1.71A 19.6% 0.75KG
SYDF-FSPC40W 40W 535*415*3mm 23.6V 2.05A 19.5V 2.33A 22.2% 0.90KG
SYDF-FSPC50W 50W 555*535*3mm 21.6V 3.05A 17.6V 2.84A 21.5% 1.20KG
SYDF-FSPC60W 60W 734*535*3mm 21.12V 3.70A 17.5V 3.43A 19.6% 1.46KG
SYDF-FSPC75W 75W 820*535*3mm 23.94V 4.10A 19.4V 3.80A 20.1% 1.65KG
SYDF-FSPC80W 80W 992*540*3mm 18.80V 5.61A 15.4V 5.19A 18.8% 1.85KG
SYDF-FSPC85W 85W 1050*550*3mm 20.20V 5.60A 16.9V 5.04A 18.6% 2.10KG
SYDF-FSPC90W 90W 1050*540*3mm 20.70V 5.70A 17.1V 5.26A 19.0% 2.00KG
SYDF-FSPC95W 95W 1050*540*3mm 20.90V 5.89A 17.4V 5.46A 20.2% 2.00KG
SYDF-FSPC100W 100W 1050*540*3mm 21.70V 6.10A 17.7V 5.70A 21.3% 2.00KG
SYDF-FSPC110W 110W 1175*540*3mm 23.50V 6.02A 19.55V 5.63A 20.5% 2.25KG
SYDF-FSPC120W 120W 1305*540*3mm 26.50V 5.85A 22.10V 5.42A 20.5% 2.45KG
SYDF-FSPC130W 130W 1435*540*3mm 21.70V 8.26A 17.00V 7.64A 20.0% 2.67KG
SYDF-FSPC135W 135W 1082*796*3mm 24.30V 7.23A 19.90V 6.78A 19.0% 2.68KG
SYDF-FSPC140W 140W 1082*796*3mm 24.50V 7.56A 20.00V 7.08A 19.5% 2.68KG
SYDF-FSPC180W-1 180W 1302*796*3mm 39.80V 5.85A 32.92V 5.48A 20.0% 3.00KG
SYDF-FSPC180W-2 180W 1302*796*3mm 20.30V 11.57A 16.80V 10.71A 20.0% 3.00KG