Portable solar energy systems

 Portable Solar Energy Systems


  • Designed to be used for any remote area (from the grid) that need DC and AC;
  • Provides power to remote ligthing, eletrical fans, fridges, freezers, televisions and similar devices that need AC power;
  • Suitable for office power backup;
  • Suitable for external power performance in camps, caravans, expeditions, road constructions, operators in country side and similar areas.


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Products with battery

Products with Battery Model_SP – 80W 50A Standart Equipment Charge Control Device No. of items   1 DC 12 Volt 10 Ampere Smart operation feature   Inverter 1 300 Watt Full Sine inverter 12Volt DC / 230Volt AC output Multi-functional Solar Generator Box       2 230 Volt AC socket 2 18 Volt Solar Panel […]

Products without battery

Products without battery   Products without Battery Operation time: You can add a optional battery; Power source for lightings, video, fan, TV, computers and household products etc. With DC and AC output; Efficiency; Charging and Discharging, LCD screen display to monitor operation state; No need for maintenance; Two types of charging; they can be charged […]