Wind power turbines

Generating Electricity with Wind Energy

The source of wind energy is solar energy. Wind energy is formed by the irregularities on land and the differences of heat in the atmosphere. Although only a small part of solar energy reaching the earth turn into wind energy, the total amount of wind energy is greater. In many areas, wind energy can have a natural density equal to or more than the average density of solar energy.
Topography is an important factor in terms of wind regime. It can be a disadvantage for wind energy, but at the same time it is also a great advantage. In areas where wind energy is highly concentrated, it is possible to establish energy production facilities by putting more than one wind power system.
Wind has a natural potential due to its kinetic energy. This is called natural potential of wind energy. One part of this natural potential can be transformed into energy by the use of common physical laws and current technological advancements: this is called technical potential of wind energy; and the part that can be used economically as compared to other energy sources is called economic potential of wind energy. Given that our country is a peninsula, it is possible to use various types of small aerogenerators to produce energy by the sea, on the hills and some deltas.
Even though Turkey’s great potential for solar and wind energy is known for a long time, low rate guarantee, government’s 600 kW limit to solar energy, complicated and long procedures to get a license were the biggest obstacles for this market to grow. According to the circular published in the Official Gazette on December 3rd 2010, turbines up to 1.000 kW can be connected to the main grid and can sell the surplus of their production to distributors. Payments and settlements are made monthly.


Potential Wind Energy Map
Türkiye Rüzgar Atlası


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