Horizontal wind turbines

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Horizontal Wind Turbines
These are common turbines that have horizontal rotation. Main motor shaft and the generator are on top of the tower and should be turned towards the wind. Their sizes vary from very big to small. Small turbines are turned with a simple wind tail; and big turbines use a wind censor and a servomotor to turn. The propellers facing the wind produce the electrical energy. Even though the numbers of the propellers change, there are usually 3 of them. Small wind turbines produce 100-1000 watts of electricity, and big turbines produce hundreds of watts, and even 3-4 megawatts of electricity. 

Disadvantages of Horizontal Wind Turbines:

  • They need high towers. Transporting the towers and the blades can be problematic. Installation of high and big turbines is difficult, cranes would be necessary during installation.
  • Turbines must face the wind.
  • In order to carry heavy blades, generators and wheels, a wide and long tower must be built.
  • Their height violates the natural view and can be objected by the locals.
  • Turbines make noise when rotating.
  • Small turbines must be stopped in fast winds, because their blades might break.